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Aristotle "Memory & Remembrance"

Aristotle in his book "Memory & Remembrance" (Μνήμη και Ανάμνηση)
speaks about the 2 memories that a human being is born. The memory that is connected with our mind and our current life time which he names it MEMORY and the soul memory that is "forgotten" which is a collective memory that we carry through all our soul's incarnations which he names as REMEMBRANCΕ.
MEMORY is slow and REMEMBRANCE is fast which means that REMEMBRANCE connects us fast with our True Self and meaning of life.
That is why the PURPOSE of every human being according to Aristotle and the two memories is to activate the Remembrance which can be done by initiation and meditation (the Greek meditation) and by managing both memories in this life to connect with the Universal Truth of his soul existence and purpose, thus to Know Yourself, a message that was written on Apollo's temple in Delphi.
Video was inspired by the interpetation of Aristotle's book: Memory & Rememberance from George Charalambides, author. You can visit the author's website at

Writer: Sotiris Zafiris

Director: Sotiris Zafiris

Language: English

Duration: 2' 21''

Additional Info

  • Καταλληλότητα: 8 +
Published in Remembrance
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