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Plutarch "A soul's journey"

Plutarch in his book "About the appealing face of the Moon" (Περί του εμφαινομένου προσώπου της Σελήνης) speaks about the origins of our souls and their birthplace. The souls are born in the Sun where the conditions are the same for all, there is no time or space, no day or night, no good or bad, therefore there is no evolution. So the souls are being transfered through solar rays to the back side of the Moon, the Dark side which has a different consistency from the Near side. It is of Aetheric nature. Souls then are being transformed to the front side of the Moon which is visible from Earth and enter into the duality concept. They incarnate on Earth many times entering from the intangible world to the material world where they experience duality and polarity and they are given the chance to be evolved. A fascinating journey of an ETERNAL LIFE which experience the no Existence and the duality of LIFE and DEATH. The Moon is the place where the souls are being judged after death so they can return to Earth once more or to continue their journey towards "Theosis". The transfer of the souls from the Moon to Earth and from Earth to Moon or from the Moon back to the Sun are happening during the solar and lunar eclipses. A fascinating book dated back in the first century A.D. based on a scientific congress in Delphi for the Moon. Plutarch was a high priest in Apollo Temple - Delphi for 29 years.
This video was inspired by the interpetation of Plutarch's book: About the appealing face of the Moon from George Charalambides, author.

Writer: Sotiris Zafiris

Director: Sotiris Zafiris

Language: English

Duration: 2' 40''

Additional Info

  • Καταλληλότητα: 8 +
Published in Remembrance

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