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VOD - Goya


The film title refers to the Yiddish word for a non-Jew young girl who decides to convert to Judaism. She comes to visit a traditional religious Jewish family in Jerusalem and “suddenly dies”… In poetic form of a biblical “paradox” Sarah, Abraham and their son Ben decide to get rid of the body of the mysterious girl. Personal moral code in contrast with the religiously approved morals, bigotry contradicting with free will and guiltless but necessary “sin” are some of the points this film gives us for thought. Tagline:/ The sacrifice of Abraham and Sarah.

Title: Goya
Genre: Drama
Director: Nikita Feldman
Script: Nikita Feldman
Producer: Nikita Feldman
Casting: Dvir Perez, Polina Shafran
Country: Israel
Production year: 2011
Duration: 70'
Dialogues: Yiddish
Subtitles: English

Director's Note: I was criticising the religion in general, in terms of Judaism example, where is wrong that a human being will be rated below the system of religion written by other people in the past. From my point of view human being is above all the believes as well as animal or any other creature existing on earth.

goya 03 goya 01 goya 02 Nikita Feldman

Additional Info

  • Καταλληλότητα: 12 +
  • VOD - Free: VOD
Published in Features, Jews, Israel, VOD
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