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Plato “Chariot allegory”

Are you the driver of your life? or your life is driven by emotions and desires?
In the remarkable allegory of the Chariot Plato explains to us how we were born and lived a life that is controlled by our emotions and our desires. Our life is driven by fate and we think we have a free will but actually we rare use our logic to balance the two horses as he describes, the black and the white horse.
The black horse is unruly and represents our desires and goes down, but the white one is not moving and stays still, it is our emotion. How many times aren't we stuck by our emotions?
We have a vehicle in this life that is control by these two non logic parts (Alogo - Άλογο in Greek is the horse but also means the A-logo, the non logic, the irrational).
Free Will means to be able to tame these two horses and become the charioteer of our chariot so we change our own fate and to be able to guide the vechicle like the driver towards our evolution through life. We need to bring the driver to control and drive the car and this is done by logic, by ahyperconscious self.
This is the real Free will in life and the real challenge as a purpose of life.
This video was inspired by the interpetation of Plato's allegory: The Chariot from George Charalambides, author.

Writer: Sotiris Zafiris

Director: Sotiris Zafiris

Language: English

Duration: 3' 23''

Additional Info

  • Καταλληλότητα: 8 +
Published in Remembrance

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