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Hippocrates “The invisible world”

Hippocrates in his book "About Diet" (Περί Διαίτης)
He describes the mechanism of the soul within the body but also during sleep. Soul is distracted by bodily functions and cannot focus. When in sleep it moves to another level, an invisible world where it can still see, hear, touch, walk, meet other souls. This world is still a kind of material world. Soul through this experience has a broader perspective of things and the one who connects with this information connects more with universal wisdom. Soul continues after death with similar way as while sleeping, its life is eternal even when the body dies. In Ancient Greek mythology there no coincidence that Death, Sleep and Dream where brothers.
This video was inspired by the interpetation of Hippocrates' s book: About Diet from George Charalambides, author

Writer: Sotiris Zafiris

Director: Sotiris Zafiris

Language: English

Duration: 2' 21''

Additional Info

  • Καταλληλότητα: 8 +
Published in Remembrance
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