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Pythagorean Golden Epics

One of the 147 Delphic orders and maybe one of the most important that characterize the Hellenic way of thinking is “Metron Ariston”. This order means that being in the middle; in balance, is the best way, the top way to live. But what is about Pythagoras the top way of living, the Μetron Ariston as he describes us in his book “Golden Epics”?

The suggestion of Pythagoras is to eat and exercise our bodies, to live a way of life in balance, to use our money with the only criterion. our satisfaction. Satisfaction and needs differ from man to man that it why he does not give us answers on what, how, when or why but he focuses on the personal balance that satisfies each person within as long as he does not lack of something or exaggerate on the same thing. We must use the observer to control how much we eat or exercise (so we are content), how we live our live (with simplicity and not exaggeration to create envy) and how we spent our money (not unnecessarily as a wasteful but also not to be stingy). Living a life in balance with verything that creates you satisfaction and is in benefit for you and the others and always think before you act. Be the observer. In our days of exaggeration on everything we have lost the balance. Following the advice of Pythagoras can help us live a more meaningful , happier and useful life.

Εpisode 1
Title: Pythagorean Golden Epics-Metron Ariston
Writer - Director: Sotiris Zafiris
Music credits: Olafur Arnalds: This place was a shelter
Language: English
Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 8' 36''
Interpretation & presentation: Dr. Alkistis Agio, Self-leadership coach (

Additional Info

  • Καταλληλότητα: 8 +
Published in Philosophy now

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