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Utopia - An Adults FairyTale

Once upon a time, Achilles, an average, hard-working man, loses his job and is forced to face the reality of the world in which he lives. He sees the corruption that has overtaken his city, the greed of those who run it, and the pain and poverty that has fallen upon the innocent ... until one day he meets a strange little man who offers to show him a way to change his world. In desperation, Achilles accepts the little stranger's invitation, and begins an odd journey, with the help of a few friends, to send a message to The Boss that they have had... enough!


Video on demand: available soon.

Director: Nikos Kourou
Producer: Creating Memories-Tops Productions-Michael Temelkos-Nikos Kourou
Starring: Nikos Kourou, Giorgos Kontorikos, Konstantinos Ioannidis, Pisti Kristalidou, Sakis Triantafyllou

Language: Greek  -  Subtitles: Greek / English
Country: Greece
Duration: 1:18:00
Year of production: 2016

Published in Features, Greece
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