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CEO of Cultural International Festivals
Founder of Inspire-tv®

petraterziFor the last 20 years, as event organizer, I have been presenting the "Best of the Best" from the arts world in Greece and Cyprus, with live performances spanning from New York Acrobats to the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia. At the same time, both as filmmaker and film lover, I have been striving to create opportunities for meetings between audiences and directors, for example at the Cyprus Int'l Film Festival and the Bridges Film Festivals in Corinth and Nafplio. COVID 19 has unexpectedly changed our lives and the impossibility of being physically present at performances has made it all the more evident how essential culture, the arts, entertainment and the cinema are, for all of our lives.
<This is therefore proving to be the right time for the launch of the Inspire TV® Platform - the world's first, free and most extensive digital resource library featuring artists and videos from diverse and powerful contemporary genres, created to bolster the portfolio of independent artists worldwide.

This is a project we have been passionate about and working on for several years. The Inspire-TV® Platform launch had already been planned for this summer but the need for it has become ever more critical during this pandemic. It is a need that is particularly experienced in the field of education, which we, at Cultural International Festivals, consider very important. We are, in fact, trying to promote gender equality, human rights, diversity and the awareness of climate change.
The platform was conceived to host the online activities of the Cyprus International Film Festival and Bridges International Film Festivals and to provide young talents with a significant opportunity for visibility. People are hungry for credible, high-quality virtual content now more than ever. We are lucky enough to be able to give this unique, free digital resource.

In addition to in-festival and out-of-festival partnerships, we have a direct-to-consumer strategy. For example, cultural venues and cinemas across the globe are beginning to reopen, and will be able to find inspirational content on our new platform.
To conclude, our entire goal is to make film-making and arts relevant to people. Now, with the pandemic, virtual content is a crucial resource for reaching this objective.
As our world is in the midst of a very unusual and fluid back-to-cinema season, featuring both remote and live viewing, the Inspire-TV ® Platform can be an engaging staple for viewers and artists internationally.

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