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15th Cyprus International Film Festival - Golden Aphrodite Awards Ceremony Special guest: Lawrence David Foldes - director, producer, SAA Executive Committee

Special guest: Brian Trenchard-Smith - director, writer, producer talks about Ozploitation genre Special guests: Prof. Karl Bardosh - Award-winning filmmaker, producer &
Princess Angelique Monet - Award-winning filmmaker, writer, producer .
discuss about: The secrets in Mobile filmmaking

Tiffany Boyle - producer, speaks with Petra Terzi about packaging film projects and how new opportunities arise through the internet. Petra Terzi, CEO of Inspire-TV® speaks with Jeff Geis, CEO of Univinity TV about the new distribution platform dedicated to independent artists and new talent.
Be inspired!

Special guests: Katerina Moutsatsos, Carol Bidault de l'Isle and Severine Reisp: Creative women in film are productive always!

Special guest: George F. Roberson, producer, writer and VIP Jury member of CYIFF 2020 speaks with Petra Terzi about independent filmmaking and self distribution.

Special guest: Bill Butler, ASC cinematographer , Oscar nominated for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Jaws, Rocky I-IV, The GodFather, Grease etc, and VIP Jury member CYIFF 2020
"Bill Butler speaks with Petra Terzi how to be honest with your Art and try always to find the truth in filmmaking".

Special guests: Stephanie Pedros - Agent, Movie Director & Olympia Mytilinaiou, Director of Photography "The Art of handling the agent and the talent"
Special guest: Robin Humbert - writer, producer
"Ηow is life backstage Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor"

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